Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Christmas Gown 2016 - Completed

Voila! The Countess Papera Ephemera is very pleased with her new gown. 

To mark the 2016 Holiday Season she is now standing outside near our entrance door.
Had she not lost her head during the French revolution, she would have most certainly met 
Napoleon Bonaparte and his Empress Josephine. 

She also shared with me her eagerness to start reading Jane Austen's novels.

Below are a few shots taken inside. 
They are a little fuzzy as daylight was low and my camera is not good with indoor lighting.

Thank you for following me in the making of this new creation.
May you all be visited by wonderful spirits that make your Holiday Season magical.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Christmas Gown, 2016 - Jane Austen's Regency Style - Part IV, The Bust

Bust of Empress Josephine by Joseph Chinard, 1805
Musée du Château, Malmaison, France
For the bodice, I used my garden sedum, previously enhanced with red sparkles. 
I used my glue gun to apply small clusters over the bust area, front and back. 

So the sleeves would be big and puffy looking, I added bunched up chicken wire where the sleeves would be. It offered support for my hydrangeas.

Side details of bodice.

I decorated the area under the bust with a central painted pinecone, beads and gilded leaves.

For the back, a huge red velvet flower and my Luna moth 
over a satin and gold thread bow.

Almost done.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Christmas Gown, 2016 - Jane Austen's Regency Style - Part III, The Greenery

English gown from c.1805-1810. Philadelphia Museum of Art

I've collected my greenery by trimming our evergreens. Glad that this year's gown won't take as much as last year's 18th century one.
Cedar, Yew, Fir, Juniper
Starting from the bottom, I used all the juniper branches around the hem

Working my way upwards, I switched to the yew branches using the underside to create a stronger contrast between the different greens.

I like the different textures and the 'ombre' effect.

In my free time, I painted and dusted with sprinkles some pinecones, sedum branches and hydrangeas from my backyard. Almost everything I use is recycled or from around my house.